Thursday, July 11, 2013


Twitter / justintempler: Meet @ForecastFacts campaign ...
Meet @ForecastFacts campaign manager and degreed environmentalist @emilyrsouthard clueless about HadCRUT
James Inhofe: Climate 'Alarmists,' Obama Bureaucrats Plot To Control Americans (VIDEO)
"Their goal is not to protect the American people, it is to control them," Inhofe said. "They want top-down control, and carbon dioxide regulations will give this to them."

Inhofe argued that the administration is furthering its ends by giving talking points to "alarmists" who, he explained, are "people who believe the world is coming to an end, and it's all man's fault."
Climate change will disrupt energy supplies, DOE warns
DOE's Pershing agrees. "It's a problem we need to work on," he says. He notes that the billions of dollars in losses already incurred from climate-related disasters show the need for additional measures.
Roger Pielke Jr.'s Blog: A Handy Bullshit Button on Disasters and Climate Change
With this post I am creating a handy bullshit button on this subject (pictured above). Anytime that you read claims that invoke disasters loss trends as an indication of human-caused climate change, including the currently popular "billion dollar disasters" meme, you can simply call "bullshit" and point to the IPCC SREX report.

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