Wednesday, July 24, 2013


John Kay: Britain’s Impending Energy Crisis Lies Squarely With Prevaricating Politicians | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
The origins of Britain’s impending energy crisis go back half a century. The Beatles were in their heyday, the young Harold Wilson was a freshly elected prime minister committed to “the white heat of technology”. But British consumers experienced power cuts during the winter.
Arctic thawing could cost the world $60tn, scientists say | Environment |
Governments and industry have expected the widespread warming of the Arctic region in the past 20 years to be an economic boon, allowing the exploitation of new gas and oilfields and enabling shipping to travel faster between Europe and Asia. But the release of a single giant "pulse" of methane from thawing Arctic permafrost beneath the East Siberian sea "could come with a $60tn [£39tn] global price tag", according to the researchers who have for the first time quantified the effects on the global economy.
Flashback: "Why doesn't he just say eleventy-zillion?"

Alaska’s latest climate worries: Massive wildfires and gushing glaciers | Grist
Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. Alaska, by the looks of it, is on track for a double apocalypse.

The home of Sarah “global warming my gluteus maximus” Palin faces a daunting confluence of climate-related challenges...the biggest fires of the past decade burned in Alaska, which is warming twice as fast as the lower 48 states.
Dec 2012: Forget global warming, Alaska is headed for an ice age | Alaska Dispatch
In the first decade since 2000, the 49th state cooled 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

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