Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Warmist George Schultz on CO2: "it affects the climate we create"

A Republican Secretary of State Urges Action on Climate Change: Scientific American
[92-year-old George Schultz] we have to recognize that energy produces pollutants as it burns, so it affects our environment. It affects the air we breathe; it affects the climate we create.
The Navy is creating hybrid boats where, as long as you can go slow enough, you can propel your ship by electric power, which is more economical to create on the ship than liquid fuels, meaning you don't have to go into port and refuel as much.
...We know that carbon [sic] stays in the atmosphere. It doesn't disappear. You know, a new ocean is being created for the first time since the Ice Age [in the Arctic with the meltdown of sea ice]. How could that happen? It's getting warmer.
Solar panels right now are almost competitive with the grid

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