Saturday, August 24, 2013

Arctic Row update: "we will not make it to Pond Inlet"

Northwest Passage Diary: We needed Mother Nature to help. She hasn’t - World Travel | News, Reviews, Tips & Advice | The Irish Times - Thu, Aug 22, 2013
It is now impossible for us to make our intended final destination of Pond Inlet. We knew we would need help from Mother Nature to pull this off, and the weather has not been favourable. We have less than five weeks before the ice begins to set in for the winter.
...we will not make it to Pond Inlet. Though the reasons are beyond our control, it still hurts.

As I write, we are 550km from Cambridge Bay, which is only our halfway mark, and it could be the end of August before we get there. If so, this is where our expedition will finish.We are still giving this everything we have but it has been a difficult week.
110 Consecutive Days Of Below Normal Temperatures In The Arctic | Real Science
This cold has contributed to a record increase in sea ice over last year.

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