Saturday, August 24, 2013


Commentary: We Should Add Climate Change to the Civil Rights Agenda | News | BET
we have to add climate change to our retooled list of what the civil rights movement stands for.
- Bishop Hill blog - Pielke Sr and the decline of the AGU
The corruption and decay of the great scientific institutions is a theme that BH returns to from time to time. Many are now little more than vehicles for the political campaigns of their administrators, with Soviet-style elections ensuring they remain under the control of unrepresentative cliques.

The latest manifestation of this corruption is the American Geophysical Union. As Pielke Sr explains at WUWT, this once-great learned society is now so depraved that it feels no qualms at suppressing dissenting views in its journal, EOS...
- Bishop Hill blog - Greens back shale
it looked at the evidence and came to the conclusion producing fuel locally may be less damaging to the environment than importing fossil fuels.
2013 Hurricane Season Is 8-1/2 Months Behind 1938 | Real Science
It is August 24, and there have been no Atlantic hurricanes yet. But during the low-CO2 year of 1938, the first hurricane formed on January 3.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: WSJ Op-Ed: Al Gore seeks to promote global warmism using racism, the nuclear arms race, slavery, apartheid & homosexuality
global warmism cannot even claim to have at its core a concept of human dignity. It has nothing to offer but fear and hatred.

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