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Dispatches – 23 August 2013 (Dichotomy – 2 of a series) | grumpydenier
I wish to enable industry and commerce, with sensible controls, to continue to expand and provide the necessary profits and jobs to keep this nation as one of the great trading nations of the world. They don’t. The problem is, of course, who determines what, exactly, constitutes sensible controls? As many, if not most, of the vocal green groups have been taken over by hard-left socialists, their ability to organise and project this ideological thinking into the mainstream has dominated the current Zeitgeist. Our so-called conservative leaders have capitulated in the face of this onslaught and, always looking for a bandwagon to jump on, have handed victory to these anti-capitalist ‘useful idiots’ with barely a token attempt to defend the wealth makers in our country.
Concord Monitor: Beware climate catastrophe charlatans |
[Michael Sununu] The climate changes. That is a fact. Exactly how and why is still unknown. Anyone who tells you differently is selling you snake oil and taking your money.
Gore: Climate change ‘deniers’ like 'an alcoholic father’ – The Lead with Jake Tapper - Blogs
“I think he is becoming such a polarizing figure. I think there are many people who suspect this is more about Al Gore than it is about global warming,” [Carly Fiorina] said.
“I think anyone who is serious about global warming needs to be complete and factual in their assessment.”

“There are many things that Al Gore does that makes me want to sigh,” said Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank.

“In his defense, he’s not killing the effort on global warming because it’s dead already,” he added, pointing to menial movement in terms of legislation in Washington on the cause. Milbank said the public views efforts on climate change as too little, too late.
Suzy Menkes Talkes Fashion Industry Trend Cycles and Global Warming
With global warming upsetting traditional summer and winter climates...

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