Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bummer: 8% budget cut could mean that warmists will have trouble filling an icebreaker's tanks with 2.4 million liters of fossil fuel

Twitter / [John Cook]: Australian Antarctic science ...
Australian Antarctic science is being frozen out by budget cuts
Australian Antarctic science is being frozen out by budget cuts
if Antarctica sneezes, we get a cold. Whether it’s unusual weather affecting our agriculture, food prices and economy or the gradual loss of our coastline due to sea level rise, Antarctica matters...If filling the tank of your car has sent you broke in recent times, then the idea of filling the 2.4-million-litre tank of Australia’s icebreaker, the Aurora Australis, will give you sleepless nights.
Risk associated with fieldwork has been reassessed in recent years and increasingly regulated. It is now not uncommon for helicopters to fly without a scientific purpose, burning expensive fuel, because of new requirements that they remain within visual contact of one another in case of an accident. Given each flight may depend on several earlier flights to deploy fuel, this is particularly insidious.
Aurora Australis (icebreaker) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The ship has a cargo capacity of 1,700 cubic metres (60,000 cu ft) for break bulk or 29 twenty-foot equivalent containers, and a supply tank that can hold 1,000 cubic metres (35,000 cu ft) of fuel

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