Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Arctic sea ice and extreme weather | Climate Etc.
JC message to Jennifer Francis: I’ve found that your credibility is reduced and your own motivations are questioned when you attack the motives of another scientist, particularly a young scientist without any apparent agenda beyond doing good science and advancing her academic career. The high ground is a much better place to be, and not just in a hurricane.
Al Jazeera Provides Best-In-Class TV Coverage Of IPCC Climate Report | ThinkProgress
CNN had a piece with some great graphics and a strong final warning on the need for action — “only humans can stop it from happening worse”:
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Really, Bloomberg News? Quoting Marc "Mouthbreather" Morano? In 2013? [Via Junk Science]
Earth Blows Away The Record For Sea Ice Gain In 2013 | Real Science
The amount of thin, rotten, decayed, bald sea ice on Earth has increased by nearly 33,000 Manhattans since this date last year – almost doubling the previous record for annual ice gain.

Note that the amount of sea ice on Earth has increased during six of the last eight years.
Twitter / CJRucker: Gov't gives National Science ...
Gov't gives National Science Foundation $5.7M to develop card games, videos promoting global warming hype to public

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