Thursday, August 22, 2013

Remember when the planet was in a short-term warm cycle, and climate science was simple and settled? Now "It's all really, really complicated"

Separating Science From Spin on the Global-Warming 'Pause' -
The IPCC report attributes this hiatus to short-term factors that result in temporary cooling periods, including volcanoes, solar cycles, absorbent oceans, non-greenhouse-gas pollutants, and a string of other temporary-yet-powerful natural forces.
It's all really, really complicated
...Within that butterfly-effect-like chaos, Gutzler said it's possible that the predictive climate models scientists use are partially wrong
2011: 'High School Physics' -
That's how Al Gore described the science of climate change this week, by which we suppose he meant it's elementary and unchallengeable. Well, Mr. Vice President, meet Ivar Giaever, a 1973 physics Nobel Laureate who resigned last week from the American Physical Society in protest over the group's insistence that evidence of man-made global warming is "incontrovertible."
Kevin Trenberth’s REAL travesty | Climate Sanity
[Trenberth in 2009 to warmist all-stars like Michael Mann, Stephen Schneider, Phil Jones, Ben Santer, Gavin Schmidt, and James Hansen] The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can’t.

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