Thursday, August 01, 2013


Climate Change ‘Deniers’ Not Welcome at Interior – Secy. Jewell
Ms. Jewel’s anti-’denier’ sermonizing is morally vacuous. It will, however, discourage candor and independent thought in an important and powerful agency.

Only a few months on the job and Jewell already behaves like a self-righteous bully. A good swift dose of congressional oversight is in order. It might just keep the thought police from harassing climate dissenters at DOI.
Missouri July Temperatures Declining for 80 Years | Real Science
July 2013 was more than 6C cooler than July, 1934
Tamsin on scientists and policy advocacy | Climate Etc.
JC comments: Bravo Tamsin! Many scientists don’t understand when they are being a political/policy advocate. I recall a few years ago when I was discussing this issue with a mainstream climate scientist and IPCC coordinating lead author. He did not regard himself as an advocate, for this reason which I paraphrase based on my memory of the exchange: “I just tell people what needs to be done in terms of how much emissions need to be reduced on what time scale. I don’t tell them how to do it in terms of which policies to use in the emission reduction, so therefore I am not a policy advocate.”
Enviros sue in San Francisco to stop Appalachian coal exports from Baltimore |

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