Thursday, August 01, 2013


Schneider Said That Any CO2 Is Dangerous | Real Science
All life on this planet is based on carbon and dependent on photosynthesis of CO2, but Steven Schneider says that all CO2 must be eliminated.
C3: IPCC Climate Research: Modern Global Cooling Accelerates To Its Fastest Pace In Last 30 Years - 'Unequivocal'
An analysis of IPCC's gold-standard HadCRUT surface temperature dataset not only confirms that global warming is AWOL but is morphing towards a dangerous global cooling trend - the climate research empirical evidence is unequivocal.....over the last decade the current global cooling trend accelerated to its largest 10-year rate during the modern era
July Heatwave Update | Real Science
July (preliminary) was the 59th warmest on record in the US. It was almost 2.5C cooler than 1901, and cooler than every July from 1930 to 1943.
Five or more failed experiments in measuring Global Sea Level: Willie Soon « JoNova
illie Soon weighs into the sea-level debate, going back to William the Conqueror, and landmarks in England.

Are sea-levels “accelerating”? Can the satellites resolve sea-level to 1mm changes a year? Why is the raw data so different?

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