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Thriving Online in the 21st Century | Continuing & Professional Education | Pace University
In this one-evening master class, Andrew Revkin, the prize-winning New York Times Dot Earth blogger and Pace University Senior Fellow for Environmental Understanding, will show how anyone can cut against the noise and overload on the Web and become an effective online communicator, community builder and information sleuth. The two-and-a-half hour session will start with a high-speed tour of cutting-edge material on blogs, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube. Participants will see Revkin conduct real-time demonstrations showing how to use Twitter, in particular, to efficiently reach experts and the public. The class will shift to workshop mode, as Revkin works with participants to build their comfort level with these Web tools.
Twitter / [warmist Kevin Anderson]
1/3 @Peters_Glen @brenthoare @PaulBurke_econo For 4C future perhaps, not 2C. I doubt €500/t would reduce our flights, taxis, oversized homes
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: Strongest August Polar to ...
Strongest August Polar to Greenland trough in years means ice melt season in arctic wont even be close to death spiral hysteria forecasts
Smoking Gun That The NOAA US Climate Extremes Index Is 100% Fraudulent | Real Science
...The next graph overlays the HCN data on the CEI data. The match isn’t too bad until about the year 2000, when NOAA started fabricating data to pump the numbers up.

NOAA shows the summer of 2006 as being 7th hottest on record, when in fact it was the 82nd hottest.
The Chevy Volt sales mandate | National Review Online
What’s wrong with the Chevy Volt?

Millionaire Senator Carl Levin received a $7,500 taxpayer subsidy to buy his $40,000 Volt – but even with that generous subsidy, there just aren’t enough eco-one-percenters willing to pay a $12,500 premium to buy what is essentially a compact Chevy Cruze Eco (starting price $20,000, gets 33 mpg) or a $7,500 premium to buy a Chevy Cruze Diesel ($25,000, 37 mpg). The Volt is made on the Cruze platform.

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