Wednesday, August 07, 2013


Yemeni fruit production sees record growth
"Productivity in 2012 was the highest ever in fruit crops, surpassing the highest production levels reached in the past, which was in 2010 and amounted to 1,036,00 tonnes," [Ministry of Agriculture undersecretary Abdul Malak al-Thor] said.

Al-Thor expected crop yields to be even greater in 2013, due to the rain and the country's stability.
California: Madera County crop value hits record $1.73B
Madera County’s 2012 gross ag value grew by 11 percent to hit a record $1.73 billion thanks to a jump in almond and grape production.
2009: Climate change could end California farming: Chu | Reuters
(Reuters) - Secretary of Energy Steven Chu warned climate change could wipe out California's farms by the end of the century
Twitter / Balinteractive: In a sense, it boils down to ...
In a sense, it boils down to arguing about whether scientists should advocate policy for a science which has itself become largely advocacy.
How dare our politicians waste this much on doing nothing about the weather? | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
The waste is scandalous, even from the Coalition. We’re in deep deficit, which makes it even more insane to spend billions a year on making a difference to the temperature so immeasurably small that no party dares tell voters what it is.

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