Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Michael Mann claims IPCC low-balled sea-level hysteria because it fears the ‘climate denial machine’ | JunkScience.com
“This fits a pattern of the IPCC tending to err on the side of conservative, in part–I believe—because of fear of being attacked by the climate change denial machine.”
Polar Bear Blog – Oil Bears Oil The Time | Polar Bear Alley – Guide to the Polar Bears of Churchill
The latest trend in polar bear photography seems to be dead polar bears… Another dead one is racking up website ‘hits’ in Svalbard. Its all so bizarre. Sergei Gorzhkov (who has some crazy awesome shots from Wrangel Island) posts a rotting corpse shot of a polar bear on my facebook page and barely anyone notices, then I post a shot of a massive bear that was hunted (yes, bears are still hunted) and everyone goes nuts.

Weird, I just can’t wrap my head around the value of taking a picture of a rotting corpse that was a bear, its sad that this is what it has come to… actually, more ridiculous than sad. I think I’m going to take pictures of Churchill tourists this fall and post them as evidence that the global population of humans is aging.
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New study finds government subsidies often increase CO2 emissions
WSJ.COM 8/19/13: Anticarbon central planning was bound to distort markets, but it turns out that the planners often increase emissions as they try to engineer President Obama's "new energy economy." So concludes the National Academies, whose major report on energy subsidies deserves more attention than it has received since its June release.
Where’s the global warming? asks major European media outlet
“Despite predictions that the temperature on the globe should rise with a huge speed, nothing has really happened the last 10-15 years,” says the August 7 print edition of the Danish Jyllands-Posten, the famous daily that published the “Muhammad caricatures.”

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