Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Buffalo Lake’s ethanol plant is sold in bankruptcy | Star Tribune
A shuttered ethanol plant in Buffalo Lake, Minn., is being turned over to its lender under a court order Monday that leaves most creditors unpaid...One big creditor is Minnesota Energy, the farmers cooperative that once owned and operated the plant. It’s still owed $5.4 million on a note from the sale last November, Runck said. Other creditors are owed another $5 million, he said.  [Call this an Al Gore Ethanol Plant Bankruptcy? (see below)]
Twitter / clim8resistance: We should name price and tax ...
We should name price and tax rises after prominent environmental activists, politicians and NGOs. @shubclimate @hro001 @skepticscience
Twitter / clim8resistance: "the 2008 Greenpeace fuel poverty ...
"the 2008 Greenpeace fuel poverty spike" @shubclimate @hro001 @skepticscience
Twitter / clim8resistance: The John Cook 27,000 excess ...
The John Cook 27,000 excess winter deaths of 2009. @shubclimate @hro001 @skepticscience

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