Tuesday, August 27, 2013


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: WSJ Op-ED: Gore's sloppiness with facts powerfully rebuts any notion that global warmism is a serious scientific endeavor
Klein's sloppiness with quotes and Gore's sloppiness with facts are of a piece. Both powerfully rebut any notion that global warmism is a serious scientific endeavor.
NSIDC : Summer Weather Doesn’t Affect Arctic Melt | Real Science
Apparently the cold weather this summer had nothing to do with the doubling of Arctic ice!
1938 : A New Forest Fire Every Three Minutes In The US | Real Science
There were 332 fires simultaneously burning in California that summer.
C3: Green Energy Idiocy: Global Warming Alarmists Divert Billions For Worthless 'Green' Projects
Across the world, anti-CO2 fundamentalists and global warming alarmists have pushed governments to divert billions of taxpayer monies into useless "green" energy projects that are expensive and unreliable generators of power - plus being a honeypot of corruption.
Moniz: Obama not at war with coal because we’re still using it | JunkScience.com
Coal will continue to be an energy source, he said, noting the proposed $6 billion investment in carbon-capture and sequestration technologies to reduce its environmental impact.

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