Thursday, August 15, 2013


Al Gore "The Inconvenient Truth" Global Warming Revisited 2 - YouTube
[3-min. video]
▶ Secretary Jewell refuses comment on coal and climate change - YouTube
Even as President Obama says climate change is an existential threat, his Interior Secretary approves huge new coal leases all across America, but especially in Wyoming's Powder River Basin.
▶ Armitage Gone! Dance First Look at Fables on Global Warming - YouTube
Fables on Global Warming entwines dance, song, and visual puns with Asian theatrical traditions
Why so many conservatives are climate deniers : Renew Economy
Hayes is still the only major TV journalist who routinely devotes a significant amount of air time to telling the truth about global warming.
...This is how the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper.
- Bishop Hill blog - Book review: The Attacking Ocean
One theme reoccurs throughout - that we have always lived with the ocean and changes in its level. But Fagan also asks the question of whether the situation is different now, with countless millions living just above sea level. These are fair questions, and ones that might arise even if nobody had ever heard of global warming.
EPA's McCarthy: Job-killing Regulation Creates Jobs | National Review Online
The truth is that green regulation is a Washington priority because it grows Washington. Government mandates and their accompanying subsidies turn pols into power brokers who distribute money and get campaign contributions in return.

It’s a neat business model — unless the public catches on to the con. It’s hard to miss those taxpayer losses — or the fact that temperatures haven’t warmed this August or in the 14 years before.

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