Thursday, August 15, 2013


Summer chill: Cold snap breaks '01 record - Illinois
The mercury dipped enough Wednesday morning to surpass the record low of 51 degrees set in 2001 by almost 5 degrees. The low of 46 degrees was 18 degrees below the average for the date.
Keystone Decision Seen as Climate Change Test for Obama Abroad | InsideClimate News
The dozen experts surveyed include climate researchers, advocates, economists, government advisers and politicians who help shape policies to manage climate change in their countries, from Mexico to South Africa to Europe. Most said they oppose the Keystone project, because of global warming concerns.
Record Rapeseed Crop Extends Oilseed Glut as Paris Price Slides - Businessweek
Record rapeseed harvests from Europe to Canada are set to compound a global glut of vegetable oil, sending prices in Paris to the lowest in more than three years as stockpiles climb to an all-time high.
Scientists have a moral obligation to take action on climate change | Dan Cass | Comment is free |
As Bill Maher put it with comic exaggeration, "On this side of the debate: every scientist in the world. On the other: Mr Potato-Head".
There is no debate here; it's just scientists and non-scientists, and since the topic is science, the non-scientists don't get a vote.

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