Thursday, August 15, 2013


Brave new world: Americans are learning to live with climate change | Grist
The Great American Road Trip — it’s a rite of passage, a national pastime, and increasingly, a tool for spreading the word about looming climate catastrophe. Each summer, a motley parade of veggie buses, vintage motorcycles, and bicycles circulates around the country, its participants out to preach the gospel of green living, and perhaps learn a thing or two in the process.

Two of these eco-minded road trippers, Kristen Howard and Allie Goldstein, recently dropped by the Grist offices in Seattle to tell us about their adventures aboard a 2000 Toyota Sienna minivan.
Fuel Economy of the 2000 Toyota Sienna 2WD
[16 City, 22 highway]
The Reference Frame: Arnold Schwarzenegger orders gas chambers for some conservatives
To summarize, Arnold's "science" is a complete crackpottery which means that the only contribution he is offering to the mankind is his desire to murder people who are vastly smarter than he is.
Monckton to Mann: Forget personalities, science is about truth | The SPPI Blog
...the program that Mr Mann created to draw the graph would have shown the 20th century as unusually warm even if random red noise rather than real-world data were fed in. There were numerous other statistical curiosities. Mr Mann’s graph is perhaps the most laughable and widely-discredited object in the history of bad science supporting worse politics.
Deja Cool: Zero People Attend Obama Climate Change Thing - Michael Schaus - Townhall Finance Conservative Columnists and Financial Commentary - Page full
Is very possible that a major reason for OFA’s recent failures, is that average citizens are far more interested in talking about the still failing economy, atrocious jobs market, and mandatory health insurance. The failed rally is worth noting, because it was a rally aimed at the least important issue among voters, citizens, and working families. OFA just learned that factoid in a tremendously embarrassing way.

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