Sunday, August 04, 2013


From Boom To Bust: Ill Wind Blows For German Offshore Industry | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
Interested observers would be well advised to watch carefully what is happening to the faltering renewables agenda in Germany. As offshore wind is proving ever more expensive, the offshore market has collapsed. Germans are becoming increasingly sceptical as they see their electricity bills going up, while politicians are beginning to discuss a cap on electricity prices.
NW Passage Choked With Ice At Both Ends | Real Science
Rowers should go home to their families. The clouds have finally cleared, and there is no Northwest Passage.
Hansen Projects That The Average Temperature Will Become Like California, Making The Planet Uninhabitable | Real Science
It is well known that you can’t grow crops in California
The New Nostradamus of the North: Australia´s warmist PM Rudd about to send thousands of refugees to sinking Nauru
What a devious and cruel man Australia´s socialist PM Kevin Rudd must be. This man, who has said that "climate change is the biggest moral challenge of our lifetime", has now decided to send thousands of refugees to the tiny island state of Nauru, which (according to Rudd´s global warming alarmist friends) is about to sink into the Pacific ocean
Twitter / JimHarris: #Solar power has gotten so ...
power has gotten so good we can use it to power airplanes
Twitter / justintempler: .@JimHarris Good that means ...
.@JimHarris Good that means greens no longer have any excuses for using fossil fueled air travel to conventions... #GreensGoByAir

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