Sunday, August 04, 2013


2013 Moves into A Dead Heat With 2006 | Real Science
Arctic alarmists have been hysterical and self-righteous since 2007. Gaia has stepped in and told them to grow up and start acting like adults.
They will of course keep lying about this for as along as they can, because that is what progressives do.
26:1 Ratio Of Record Lows To Record Highs | Real Science
Last year, alarmists loved this statistic. This year, they completely forgot about it.
British Antarctic Survey: Harsh Antarctic Sea Ice Threatens Emperor Penguins With Starvation
if it is a harsh sea-ice year, many chicks will die of starvation
Rowers Have Moved 9km In The Last 48 Hours | Real Science
They are right on pace to arrive at Pond Inlet in the Spring of 2015.
How Physics PhD’s Calculate A Trend | Real Science
David Appell claimed that the US has warmed 3.2F since 1950. The graph below shows how he calculated that. He simply subtracted the NCDC 1950 temperature from the 2012 temperature.

Ignoring the fact that NCDC cheats by 1.5 degrees, he should have his PhD revoked for such spectacular statistical abuse.

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