Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Late frost hits southern crops
UNEXPECTED low temperatures and subsequent frosts over the previous week have caused extensive damage to winter crops across southern Queensland.

Some Darling Downs farmers have labelled it the worst frost they have seen since 1997.
USDA Climate Report Published, Public Invited to Comment
WASHINGTON, August 27, 2013 – The Climate Change Program Office of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Office of the Chief Economist today released and requested public comments on the report Science-Based Methods for Entity-Scale Quantification of Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks from Agriculture and Forestry Practices. The report is the work of 38 scientists from across academia, USDA and the federal government, who are experts in greenhouse gas (GHG) estimation in the cropland, grazing land, livestock and forest management sectors. The report has undergone technical review by an additional 29 scientists.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: You have to be arrogant ...
You have to be arrogant (ignorant?) to see large scale cool signals, and have your computer models bust, to call those that question deniers
Twitter / NJSnowFan: @BigJoeBastardi Greenland Summit ...

Greenland Summit camp, has snowed all summer long. Today it is cold -35c and blowing snow

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