Wednesday, August 28, 2013


Victims of a massive global warming fraud | FAUXGREEN
Let’s stop calling industrial wind factories ‘farms’ or ‘parks’ or ’projects’ as if they complement a rural setting, as if they are benign, productive or beneficial. Make no mistake: these are sprawling industrial factories, useless ones, plonked ruthlessly and cold-bloodedly into the middle of working farms, and right beside homes, schools, and airports, and in pastoral landscapes and environmentally sensitive natural beauty.
10 people to follow on Twitter who are working to save the world | MNN - Mother Nature Network
Al's feed is a good source for news about the global battle against climate change apathy.
Twitter / chriscmooney: If the extra heat stored in ...
If the extra heat stored in the oceans from 1955-2010 all went to the atmosphere, temps would rise by 65 degrees!
Overestimated global warming over the past 20 years | Climate Etc.
Dare we hope for sanity from the AR5 in their assessment of detection and attribution? Based upon the ‘leaks’, I am not too hopeful.
Row crops prospering despite cool summer
LANSING, MI -- Farmers tending most of Michigan's big-acreage row crops are looking forward to what promises to be a prodigious 2013 harvest season. Despite delayed planting and sub-normal temperatures, adequate rains are helping boost estimated yields toward potentially record-setting levels.

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