Saturday, August 17, 2013


The Reference Frame: 95 percent confidence: in HEP vs IPCC
First of all, the figure 95% isn't really calculated in any way. It's literally pulled out of the air. The gullible audience of the IPCC is supposed to believe that the IPCC members are shamans with supernatural skills and if they vote about and approve a figure they randomly invent, it's a deep and accurate truth one should worship. But there are no shamans in the real world and most of the IPCC members not only fail to be shamans but they also fail to be competent scientists.

Even if the figure 95% were credible, it's just painfully low. I will discuss some analogies in high-energy physics below.

Even if the figure 95% were credible, calculated, and replaced by a much higher figure, the statement we have "learned" is completely unspectacular, pretty much inconsequential, and unworthy of spending another dollar. Yet, some people seem to think that this unspectacular statement directly implies that we should throw hundreds of billions of dollars out of the window.
In Appreciation of our FireFighters
We’ll be talking to firefighters about their work as first responders and the way wildfires just keep getting hotter, bigger, faster, and more dangerous due to climate change, with a special webinar this fall. Check back on for updates on timing and participants
Climate change making apples more mealy, softer and sweeter
Lovers of crispy, sweet Fuji apples know only an inferior fruit, a shadow of what it once was even 30 years ago, say Japanese researchers. And they say the decline in the apple's quality is due to climate change.
Environmentalists misuse GOP quote
the League of Conservation Voters went too far when it edited an audio clip of Davis to make it sound as if he said something that he didn’t.

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