Friday, August 16, 2013


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: IPCC doubles down: 95% sure on AGW while unable to explain why there has been no warming over past 16 years
According to Reuters, the new draft of the IPCC AR5 claims "it is at least 95 percent likely that human activities - chiefly the burning of fossil fuels - are the main cause of warming since the 1950s." "That is up from at least 90 percent in the last report in 2007, 66 percent in 2001, and just over 50 in 1995." However, all of these fatuous figures are pulled out of the air to support the IPCC ideologies and not based upon any statistical analysis or science. Meanwhile, they can't explain why there has been no global warming over the past 16+ years
Twitter / DeSmogBlog: Warren Buffett Buys Over $500 ...
Warren Buffett Buys Over $500 Million of Suncor Tar Sands Stock, Latest in "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap"

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papertiger said...

Soon desmogblogs cast of mercenaries will get swatted by the rolled up newspaper of their future bankroller.

Video simulation.