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One of the things we are probably going to see more of as public opinion and maybe even political opinion crawls into the believer camp is critics like Warren Meyer. He maintains indignantly at Forbes that “informed skeptics” do not deny global warming, or even human responsibility. They simply deny that it will be catastrophic, and believe, as he does, that there’s no need to impose restrictions on fossil fuels.

So it appears the debate will shift from denying that warming is happening to arguing about how serious warming is going to be, and from arguing against doing anything to arguing about what, exactly should be done.
Chris Hayes: Fix climate change now -
we are at the front end of something new and distinct. If you ask people if we’re seeing more extreme weather events more often, they say yes.

Bill McKibben makes the argument to me that, basically, you have to worry less about persuading people, because what’s going to happen is the climate is going to do that for you.
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I’ve noticed that a lot of recent alarmist comments on climate forums use the term ”cherry picking” for any data which doesn’t support their belief system.

For example, the 2010 Moscow heatwave is cited as proof of global warming in this Huffington Post article, but the cool 2013 summer in the US is “cherry picking.”
I’m 100% Sure That The IPCC Is Lying | Real Science

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