Sunday, August 18, 2013


‘Economic approach of BN, PR worsen global warming’ | Free Malaysia Today
"...Capitalism itself is a problem."
“When you grow, you must have energy and burn fuels, or more factory and transport that results in increased emission.

“The growth of GDP and carbon dioxide emission come side by side. As long as capitalism is in place, you cannot solve the problem of global warming,” said the second-term Sungai Siput MP.

Jeyakumar said PSM is proposing an alternative economics founded on socialism and people solidarity which prioritises wealth redistribution, sustainable source of energy and enhanced public transport.
How can there still be a climate change controversy? | Sun Journal
he weather of Maine has changed. More rain, more humidity, more violent storms and more extremes of hot and cold. Summer and winter have become more inconsistent than ever: more warm days in winter and more cold days in summer.

These are not normal variations in weather. They are exactly what climate scientists have predicted over the past two decades. And, the prediction is that they will become much worse, starting now. The weather has changed because the global climate has changed as a result of pollution in all its forms.
I believe that the sky is falling.
Hubert Kauffman, Ph.D., is a retired clinical psychologist with an interest in brain physiology. He lives in Oxford.

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