Thursday, August 22, 2013


Twitter / ChristopherNFox: The costs of inaction on climate ...
[retweeted by Michael Mann] The costs of inaction on climate change are orders of magnitude greater than the costs of climate policy action - too expensive not to act!
Twitter / tan123: .@ChristopherNFox @MichaelEMann ...
.@ChristopherNFox @MichaelEMann Orders (plural)? So every $1B we spend on "green" energy prevents at least $100B in weather damage?
ScioClimate - Looking Forward
As we all head back to our homes and routines, we hope you'll hold on to the spirit of ScienceOnline and use the inspiration of the past few days to expand upon what we've begun. This page houses the collection of links, videos, photos, and other follow-ups - we hope you will help it grow! Stay in touch and tag all your work with #scioClimate so we can collect and celebrate the work you're doing.  [included is the 85-minute video of Michael Mann et al's "Credibility, Trust, Goodwill, and Persuasion" session.]
Leaked Report Spotlights Big Climate Change Assessment
Kossin voices a line similar to the one the scientists took in the open letter. "There's always going to be skeptics in the world," he said. "They tend to be a very small minority, but they are very vocal so they appear larger than they are."

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