Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wow: Check out this "very thoughtful" comment that Michael Mann chose to elevate to a full post on his Facebook page

Michael E. Mann  | Facebook
Decided to elevate this very thoughtful & provocative comment to the status of a full guest post, w/ permission of the contributor, Andy Lee Robinson. Thanks Andy!
Climate Change Denial - The Awful Truth
Climate change became a partisan issue when the right-wing engraved in stone:
"We really don’t like solutions to climate change because they might reduce the profits of our sponsors, therefore we officially declare that the problem doesn't exist".
The dogmatic adherence to the 'AGW is a hoax' belief is destroying the right wing and now making them appear so ridiculous as to be unelectable.
The GOP is digging its own hole, and now being completely unable to back out, it is forced to continue until either the sides collapse, or the planet is laid waste - whichever comes first.

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