Saturday, August 24, 2013


But Do Ducks Float Less Than They Used To? | Real Science
CNN is reporting on TV that “many firefighters say fires burn hotter than they used to.“

Apparently the heat of combustion of wood has changed, most likely accompanied by the a change in the weight of ducks.
Can farmers keep up with global food demand in this changing climate? | Environmental Defense Fund
right now projections show an increase of only 40% to 65%.
Leaked Climate Change Authority report calls on Australia to triple 2020 carbon emissions cuts target - [Let them eat rationed cake?]
"Think of that as a big carbon cake," he said. "Every person on the earth should get an equal slice of that."
Twitter / JamesDelingpole: Ostracise the turbine owners: ...
Ostracise the turbine owners: it's the only way

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