Saturday, August 24, 2013

Warmist Carl Pope blames CO2 for blizzards and cold; also, emitting trace amounts of CO2 is like cranking up the heat on your spaghetti sauce until it boils over

The Uncertain Summer of Our Discontent | Carl Pope
Indian Pilgrims dying in blizzards. Persistent rains and cold wiping out Eastern seaboard truck farmers.
Now turn up the burner, steadily higher, making the sauce hotter. (That's what increasing concentrations of greenhouse pollutants do -- they keep more heat inside the atmosphere. More heat means more energy, molecules moving faster, hitting each other harder -- that's what temperature measures. So an atmosphere with more stored energy is more energized, more violent. Weather is put on steroids.)

At some point the spaghetti sauce will start splattering, and eventually boil over. If you keep turning the burner ever higher, even gradually, you will have a very hard time guessing exactly when the sauce will first burst over its rim, or which way the dangerous splatter will fly.

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