Monday, August 12, 2013


It’s Not Easy Being Green -
[David Leonhardt] GREEN jobs have long had a whiff of exaggeration to them. The alternative-energy sector may ultimately employ millions of people. But raising the cost of the energy that households and businesses use every day — a necessary effect of helping the climate — is not exactly a recipe for an economic boom.
In the end, the strongest economic argument for an aggressive response to climate change is not the much trumpeted windfall of green jobs. It’s the fact that the economy won’t function very well in a world full of droughts, hurricanes and heat waves.
No need to worry about Greenland’s waterslides | All Models Are Wrong
We’ve had a new study published about the slippery slopes of Greenland. If we’re right they’re not as slippery – and therefore as worrying – as we first thought.
Twitter / BigJoeBastardi: The debunking of the "deep ...
The debunking of the "deep ocean, the dog ate my homework excuse" BEFORE THE FACT by Bill Gray
Quote of the week – the Aye’s have it | Watts Up With That?
Ross McKittrick leaves this comment at Bishop Hill:

Here’s the list of scientific institutions and societies that have issued statements agreeing with CAGW, and that surveyed their members to find out how many agreed with the statement prior to issuing it, and published the results of the survey:

Anyone want to see the list again?

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