Monday, August 12, 2013


Climate-denier politicians under attack by new ad campaign | Grist
[Three climate hoax ads here]
Twitter / KevinClimate [Warmist Kevin Anderson]
@Foxgoose @RichardTol @LeoHickman @cwhope Inc. CO2 raises atmos temp hence ocean expansion more ice melt& prob' inc.storm severity/frequency
Global Warming's Not A Theory, It's A Fact! - YouTube
Debunking several myths perpetuated by fact-deniers . . . .
Keystone Protesters Hold Peaceful Sit-In at State Department - Yahoo! News
"If he keeps to his standard of 'significant carbon emissions' there's no possible way he can approve the pipeline," McKibben said in an e-mail. "If he figures out some lawyerly, tricky way to approve the pipeline his credibility on climate change will be gone forever..."
Twitter / omnologos: People like @ret_ward prisoners ...
People like @ret_ward prisoners of "Fox News and Big Oil cause skepticism" meme, central to essence of their job @aDissentient @dougmcneall
Australians could be greener without the carbon tax | Money | Banking and Money Investment News | |
Meanwhile, the number of plane passengers neutralising emissions has also plunged.

Qantas said the proportion of customers offsetting emissions had halved from 10 percent in 2009 to 5 percent now.

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