Tuesday, August 20, 2013


The day the Global Warming death spiral began « JoNova
By July 10th [2011], perhaps the world’s media finally realized what traders, bloggers, then bureaucrats had already figured out. The price of everything to do with carbon credits was falling. It could be that in a brief flurry they woke up, announced that, and then lost interest. Meanwhile all the groups who normally issue press releases were downsizing or closing, didn’t feel like telling the world, and the rain of wind-power and climate change news slowed as the investment money, and the press writers, moved to different industries.
IPCC caught out with an old, known, and uncorrected error pending their new AR5 report | Watts Up With That?
The same IPCC experts remain 100% sure that the Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas are homes to tropical forests, and that they have been since 1995.
IPCC rejects Al Gore sea-level rise hysteria — worst-case 3 feet, not 20 feet | JunkScience.com
At the other extreme, the report considers a scenario in which emissions, which have soared in recent years, continue at a runaway pace. Under those conditions, sea level could be expected to rise at least 21 inches by 2100 and might rise a bit more than three feet, the draft report said.
Twitter / Revkin: As IPCC details continue to ...
As IPCC details continue to leak, if folks imply looking worse than ever, ask them to compare to '88:

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