Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Contrasting views on the future of Arctic Sea Ice | Tallbloke's Talkshop
NoTrickZone contributor Jimbo has put together a number of prognostications from previous years
South Polar Sea Ice Sets All-Time Satellite Record – Now Above Normal Almost 2 Years Uninterrupted!
That record is not sea ice area, but rather the duration that sea ice at the South Pole has remained above the long-term average – now close to 2 years! Never has it even come close to being above average for that long since records have been kept.

From the above chart we observe that it’s rare for South Polar sea ice to be above normal even for just 1 year. Now we are almost at two years. This is unprecedented.
Mad Mike Kelly: vote Labor or you’ll turn “Snowy Mountains into the Sandy Mountains” | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
The global warming frenzy is so yesterday, yet some Labor MPs still don’t get how ridiculous all that warming alarmism now sounds and are making fools of themselves..
Earth orbit changes key to Antarctic warming that ended last ice age | Science Codex
For more than a century scientists have known that Earth's ice ages are caused by the wobbling of the planet's orbit, which changes its orientation to the sun and affects the amount of sunlight reaching higher latitudes, particularly the polar regions.

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