Sunday, August 25, 2013


How climate change worries have affected mental health of Sunderbans residents - Firstpost
Sunderbans: A number of environmental threats including that of climate change and man-animal conflict are driving villagers in Sunderbans islands towards madness and even suicide.
Not News: Obama and Bloomberg Summer Events Spectacularly Fizzling | NewsBusters
A couple of hours later at Northern Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie's office, one and only one OFA person, a know-it-all college student who might have been 20, showed up to give Massie's District Director an insulting "climate deniers" trophy. The District Director proceeded to let the kid and me know that the Congressman, though he is a "climate change skeptic," is about as energy-efficient as anyone in his position, or any position, can be
...the college kid got owned, and yours truly got to watch it.
Twitter / justintempler: Experts Pan IPCC's Climate ...
Experts Pan IPCC's Climate Report Strategy - run like a controlled propaganda campaign not science via

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