Saturday, August 24, 2013


When Newspapers Collaborate with NGOs - Collide-a-Scape |
I dont really have a gripe. I’m suggesting that the person who does PR for a mission-based outfit such as his probably shouldn’t be doing journalism for the Guardian unless it’s labeled as commentary. But since he is, why not open the door to other mission-based outfits that also aim to inform the public about scientific facts?
The Triple Crown of (Climate) Cooling — The Patriot Post
in the end this comes down to the sun, oceans and stochastic events versus CO2. The answer seems obvious.
Energy Firms Cross the Arctic, Greenpeace Denied | Via Meadia
The newly available hydrocarbon reserves will help power a world not ready to run on solar, wind, and well-wishes, and in some ways the melt is actually green, insofar as it shortens trade routes and provides access to previously inaccessible natural resources.
Has global warming hit a plateau? - Yahoo! News
Most climatologists dispute Lindzen's theory, saying his papers have been riddled with erroneous data and unproven assumptions. Lindzen is "feeding upon an audience that wants to hear a certain message," says Christopher S. Bretherton, an atmospheric researcher at the University of Washington. "I don't think it's intellectually honest at all."

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