Friday, August 09, 2013


And now, the cap-and-trade board game for families : Renew Economy
I wish that teenagers who are just trying to figure out how capitalism and the economy works, who are going to be the decision makers when climate change really takes effect, incorporate this into their psyche and really get an intuitive sense of how important the environment is and how important it is to include things like carbon dioxide into the economic calculus and not just consider them externalities,” said Michael Stoll, San Francisco Public Press executive director. “The economy has to eventually reflect that.”
From our economists: The cost of climate change 100 years from now | Environmental Defense Fund
As an environmental economist, I work on issues that may be very important –like the fate of the entire planet
Global Warming Activist Michael Mann Wages War On Government Transparency - Forbes
“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned,” obviously knew nothing about the fury of panhandlers for public funding being asked to actually account for what they did with their taxpayer handouts. Global warming activist Michael Mann is taking this fury to a new level this summer, seeking vengeance on government officials who would like to know what Mann did with the millions of dollars he sucked out of the public trough.
Twitter / MichaelEMann: .@liz_dahl @ClimateTreaty Article ...
.@liz_dahl @ClimateTreaty Article is by hack #JamesTaylor who works for discredited & villainous fossil fuel front group #HeartlandInstitute

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