Monday, August 12, 2013


Meteorologist Joe Bastardi: 2013 North Pole Seeing “Coldest Summer Ever Recorded By DMI”
[Bastardi] Speaking of cool, North Pole temperatures have fallen below freezing way in advance of where they normally do this year. This is the coldest summer ever recorded by the Danish Meteorological Institute; they started looking back at this in the 1950s. At the North Pole there’s only one or two days that actually reached normal and some of this propaganda that’s going on now – look I’m going to have to show you and debunk that whole situation.”
Twitter / BarackObama: From @washingtonpost: President ...
From : President Obama sees action on change as part of his legacy.
Twitter / Foxgoose: . @BarackObama @washingtonpost ...
. @BarackObama @washingtonpost @joanbushur Is giving his dog its own personal helicopter part of the plan?
Twitter / AndrewDessler: @RogerAPielkeSr If you don't ...
@RogerAPielkeSr If you don't like @theAGU position on climate, you should resign. How many would resign with you? Zero! You can b unique!
Study: Cutting soot and methane not so promising for climate |
But the report said that extra measures to reduce such pollutants, led by soot and methane, would cut temperature rises by only 0.16 degree Celsius (0.29 Fahrenheit) by 2050, far less than some estimates that the benefits could be 0.5C (0.9F).  [How do we know that cooling the planet is a "benefit"?]

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