Monday, August 12, 2013


Ex-minister Tim Yeo accused of harming public's health with new 'green' London taxis which pumped out harmful fumes | Mail Online
Mercedes Vitos have been hailed as eco-friendly replacement for black cabs
But they emit much higher levels of nitrogen dioxide, which affects lung function and causes respiratory problems
Former Environment Minister was on the board of firm which supplies them
Climate change, not jobs will force migrants to Britain, warns MP | UK | News | Daily Express
The United Nations estimated 20 million people were displaced by climate change in 2008 compared to 4.6 million affected by internal conflict or violence, according to Mr Bryant.
Twitter / DanaRohrabacher: @tan123 Notice lack of attack ...
[After Mann tweeted "...'s antiscientific zealotry unbefitting of public office. "]  @tan123 Notice lack of attack on specific points, but instead attacks on person & name calling. This is SOP 4 Global Warming crowd

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