Thursday, August 22, 2013


All This Flying is Making that Sunny Beach Holiday a Little Too Hot | Aoife O'Leary
that beach you're on right now might not make such an attractive holiday destination a few years down the line.
CNN: ‘Gore says climate change deniers melting away’ |
Uh… name one, Al.
On the Cloud Thermostat Hypothesis « Roy Spencer, PhD
If the cloud feedback problem was that simple, it would have been solved long ago. But it ain’t that simple.
How global warming research is like pot research | Watts Up With That?
Even completely ethical scientists have to eat, and if the only way they can eat is to get funded, and the only way they can get funded is to submit proposals that seek to prove that CO_2 is bad, guess what they will propose to study? And if they want to get funded AGAIN, guess what they will find? Climate science has been effectively corrupted beyond any hope of objectivity.

On the good side of things, scientists are actually usually pretty ethical. Also, in the end data talks, bullshit walks. The hypothesis of CAGW or CACC could, in fact, be true (across a wide spectrum of the meaning of “true”, in fact). However, recent data is not in good correspondence with the theories that have predicted it, and many good scientists are in the process of reassessing their conclusions. As is the almost simultaneous case with regard to marijuana, the confounding evidence is starting to overwhelm to narrowly funded and directed arguments to date. We will see where the future takes us, in both cases.
Warmist: Alternate-fuel vehicles a waste of time — need policies to reduce driving |

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