Thursday, August 22, 2013


Rewarding Carbon Producers | Real Science
Leading government experts say that CO2 generated by productive members of society controls the weather. Since we are having a record low number of hurricanes and tornadoes, and perfect crop growing weather in 2013 – it is becoming clear that coal fired electricity is making the world a much safer and happier place.

Coal and oil producers should be rewarded for keeping society functional, while simultaneously making the climate much safer. Imagine what a disaster it would be if left-wing nutcases couldn’t use their iPads because there was no electricity.
Fossil Fuel Powered Permanent Drought Brings Ideal Weather And A Bumper Corn Crop | Real Science
Exactly the opposite of what our leading government experts forecast.
Twitter / Revkin: Hype on early work linking ...
Hype on early work linking Arctic ice loss to temperate-zone storminess gets a label:
IPCC Chooses Option No. 3 | Cato @ Liberty
[Michaels/Knappenberger] So if Justin Gillis’s New York Times article is any indication of the actual contents of the upcoming Fifth Assessment Report from the IPCC, or how its contents are going to be spun, it should be plainly obvious that our Option #3 is going to be the chosen course—“ Do nothing and mislead policymakers and the rest of the world.”

We can’t say we are surprised.

But neither can we say that that the IPCC’s new results will be published without a huge groundswell of pushback from those who won’t be fooled by the IPCC’s misassessment of the current state of climate science.

Stay tuned for the fallout from this mushroom.

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