Saturday, August 03, 2013


Frost damage in Brazilian wheat edge futures higher - Farming UK news
Brazil faces prolonged regional wheat shortages after frost damage and is now likely to purchase US wheat.
FT on the IPCC | Climate Etc.
Well I am holding my breath to see what the IPCC has to say about the pause. It was only a year ago that David Rose and I were widely chastised in the blogosphere for talking about the pause.

The article highlights two major problems with the IPCC.

The first is that that there is substantial diversity of opinions among recognized experts.
So what to do? I think that AR5 should be the last assessment report in the current ponderous three volume format. I strongly support more topical reports like the SREX. And I recommend dropping the consensus seeking approach.
Panic! Seas are rising 6cms a century! | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
As I thought, no acceleration in Australian SLR for 130 years
Alabama property owners file suit to stop wind farm | National Review Online
It claims there is little or no benefit to the public, and when old and no longer functional, the turbines “may well litter the landscape of Etowah County, which may be left looking like a vast junk yard for old wind turbines.”

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