Saturday, August 03, 2013


Twitter / flimsin: The other thing that strikes ...
The other thing that strikes me is that the "PR" approach to science is afraid to admit sceptics could be right about anything at all.
Twitter / nmrqip: @flimsin failing to admit that ...
@flimsin failing to admit that the Hockey Stick was junk was a critical early mistake
Seven Priorities for EPA’s Future  [Climate scam listed first!!] | US EPA
Originally established by Administrator Lisa P. Jackson on January 12, 2010

Taking Action on Climate Change
Twitter / Balinteractive: I'm all for reasoned debate ...
I'm all for reasoned debate but the CAGW camp have had 25 years to prove conclusively their position, and STILL they are struggling. #moveon
Frank Holds The Line – MainStream Last First
Arriving on Refuge Islet – as we’ve come to call it – results in round-the-clock work as our storm has worked itself into a gale. By late evening huge chunks of ice are everywhere, blown in by the incessant wind, and they’re stacking up along our beach. Most are small to medium sized ice flows but one is a towering giant well over 40 ft in height.

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