Thursday, August 29, 2013


Why Did China Reject Binding Emissions Limits At Kyoto? | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
What do the numbers tell us? Although emissions intensity is declining, China’s economic growth is still strongly correlated with fossil energy consumption and emissions.
High School Science Discredits The New York Times' Latest Global Warming Whopper - Forbes
...More completely, that would be the consensus of scientists who built their careers on the global warming gravy plane and really don’t want to go back to coach.)

Gillis has taken over the Times’ global warming beat from the much more careful Andy Revkin, and he isn’t shy about pushing lurid warming stories. He’s not, because Gillis wants action, which, in its latest incarnation, would be a tax on everything we do that in some way is powered by fossil fuels. That would mean pretty much everything we do.
Fallacies of Man Made Global Warming with Marc Morano - YouTube
Alex interviews Climate Depot's Marc Morano about the mainstream media's push on the faux theory of global warming and how the government intends to use it to further tax impoverished Americans.

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