Thursday, August 29, 2013


BBC News - Ancient artefacts found in melting snow
It was made between 230 and 390 AD
Man freezes to death in Kuilsriver - Sowetan LIVE
On Tuesday, the City of Cape Town warned of a cold front, which would bring cold and wet conditions, with gale-force north-westerly winds, between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas.
Global Warmists Might Explain Why No Hurricanes Midway Through 2013 Season - Forbes
the record lack of major hurricane strikes continues a longer-term decline. During the past five decades, an average of 5.6 major hurricanes struck the United States per decade. During the preceding five decades, and average of 8.4 major hurricanes struck the United States. Major hurricane strikes occurred 50 percent more often 50-100 years ago than they have during the past 50 years.
A Cooler Pacific May Be Behind Recent Pause In Global Warming : NPR
But Susan Solomon, an atmospheric scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, says there's more to this story.
"I think the ocean's playing a role. I'm not sure it's playing the largest role, and don't think the Pacific Ocean alone is the only place to look," she says.
It could well be that the oceans aren't simply in a natural cycle, Solomon says.
Another factor is volcanic activity. There have been a string of small volcanoes since 2005, and those have produced a steady stream of sulfur particles, which also reflect solar energy back out into space.

"I don't think it's the whole story," Solomon says, "but the measurements are very clear that it's part of the story — maybe 25 percent, maybe 30 percent."

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