Thursday, August 29, 2013


Two Decades Of Unprecedented Global Warming Has Left Arctic Ice Almost The Same As It Was 20 Years Ago | Real Science
One might be inclined to believe that Arctic experts have absolutely no idea what they are talking about.
Al Gore’s Global Warming Desperation | FrontPage Magazine
...Eight of those studies predate the thousand-year global extension of Mann’s “hockey stick” graph of 2003, meaning that he had to deliberately ignore a huge swath of scientific evidence, which, if honestly considered, would have caused him to throw it into the trash. Instead, he and others associated with the IPCC essentially pretended that no other meaningful contradictory information existed.

In other words, Mann’s “hockey stick” is a bunch of what Colonel Potter of the TV series M*A*S*H used to call “horse hockey.”
Record start for Californian grapes
This year-to-date total is 10 per cent ahead of last season, which ended with a volume in excess of 100m cartons for the first time in industry history.
Carbon tax crippled Qantas: coalition - The West Australian
Qantas's modest profit shows the carbon tax's hit on aviation and tourism, opposition environment spokesman Greg Hunt says.

Mr Hunt says the airline's net profit of $5 million for 2012/13 would have been far greater had it not had to pay its carbon tax bill of $106 million.

He says the company's bill for income tax was 10 times less at $11 million.

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