Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Are Kellogg's Snacks a Threat to Global Climate? | DeSmogBlog
the peatlands are very important when it comes to climate change, as they store more carbon than the world emits in 9 years.
Lib Dems: ban petrol and diesel cars from UK roads by 2040 - Telegraph
The Liberal Democrats want to ban millions of ordinary cars from Britain’s roads.
Twitter / WarrenPearce: A fan writes “Any article ...
A fan writes “Any article that can be read to boost Watts’s standing should be seen as arguing for baseless propaganda and disinformation”
Science, Religion and Climate Change: The Dangerous Corruption of American Education | Sanjay Sanghoee
If these groups really cared about the future of our children, they would be preparing them to compete effectively in the technologically advanced world of today and enlightening them on the catastrophic dangers that await their generation if climate change goes unchecked  [See, if you don't believe that CO2 poses "catastrophic dangers", then you don't really care about the future of our children.]

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