Tuesday, August 06, 2013

More CO2 fraud from Weather Underground's Jeff Masters: He suggests that a CO2-induced "mass extinction event" is already going on, one that will lead to a world dominated by weeds, rats, pigeons, and cockroaches

VIDEO: Global Warming 10 Times Faster?
[Masters:  "...what we're going to see is a mass extinction event, and in fact, that's already going on.  And unfortunately, the types of species that do best in these sorts of high-stress sorts of situations are the least desirable ones--the weeds, and for animals, I mean, the rats are gonna do well, the pigeons and the cockroaches--not the kinds of species that we wanna see around.  So this if of great concern."]


Anonymous said...

And... no Zumbis ?

Anonymous said...

Specieist. Though I give it to him on pigeons.