Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Twitter / joabbess: @rjtklein Climategate was a ...
@rjtklein Climategate was a hoax. @drgrist @philrandal @Sustainable2050
Twitter / Revkin: Roadtrip advice sought. Helping ...
Roadtrip advice sought. Helping son drive from >LA. Southerly via Las Cruces or ~90 mi. longer via Albuquerque?
NOAA report card for 2012's climate: More warming :: WRAL.com
[Warmist Seth Borenstein] Overall the climate indicators "are all singing the same song that we live in a warming world," Arndt says. "Some indicators take a few years off from their increase. The system is telling us in more than one place we're seeing rapid change."
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper finds Antarctic sea ice retreated during the 1940's when CO2 was 'safe' & not since
A new paper published in Quaternary Science Reviews reconstructs sea ice changes around the Antarctic Peninsula from 1860-2000 and finds "abrupt changes between 1935 and 1950, marked by ocean warming and sea ice retreat in both sides of the Antarctic Peninsula." However, the authors find that from 1950-2000 there was no trend in sea ice extent
Twitter / Foxgoose: Here's the full story with ...
Here's the full story with all the pix - notice how the Nazi insignia have been replaced by their own logo!

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